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El Condor Basso

עודכן: 28 במרץ 2021

Hello friends, how are you these days? I'm good," slavu bogu" like my parents say (means praise god, in russian). this week was truely special, i had the most amazing gig with my fellas at Agur winery, near Beit Shemesh. We played a trio concert, Double bass played by me, Guitar by ohad katz and Vladimir Cherepovsky on special woodwind instruments (Bagpipes and recorders). We played reinesance and contemporary music, outdoors, with an acoustic sound. playing acoustic music is a unique feel, the sound actually comes out as a consequence of physical movement, whether it is struming, plucking or blowing wind, you make the sound with your own body, with your own energy. The beautiful magestic sound recorders and bagpipes cutes through the air and is heard far away, the energetic struming of an acoustic guitar is heard clear like a harmonized percussion, and the bass.. well... you can fell it, and can defenetely hear it, in most situations not loud, but warm. Luckily, i had a huge empty wine barrel behind me on stage that resonated my bass frequncies quite well, as you can see in the video down below.

el condor pasa, Played for the storks flying north. filmed by richard Bargh

Let me tell you, this day was great, playing double bass at a beautiful natural location, with great wine and fine people. i felt very lucky to work and play again, and played till my fingers blead, although it was not loud, my bass music energy vibed through, moved the air and glued the music together. you can't always hear the bass, but when it stoppes playing, you can most definitely feel that somethin is missing. Bass is the Tahini of a music sandwich, without it, music is just dry.

I'm so glad spring is finally here, for me it is all about the warmth and freshness of air, nature's rejuvenation and new music adventures for me, and for some reason, This year fells like the year of bass.

Have a nice Holyday, enjoy the warmth. :)

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