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New stuff @ Norman bar

Hey guys, how are you? The joy of spring ah?

Spring can really hang me up the most, it actually makes me stop and smell the flowers on every street corner and garden in Tel Aviv.

I, myself, feel as if my circle of life is blooming again, and my fountain of creation is full of fresh, sweet, cold mountain waters.

Ahh, spring.

Sadly, my small entrepreneur adventure with beat boutique had come to a stop at this point & I've decided not to sell my art this way. Instead, all beats I made this winter on beat boutique, will be released as a beat tape called "Beat coins 1". Official announcement about this release will come out soon.

On Sunday, april 11th, I have a beautiful gig, As Igor איגור, I will be performing A whole new set, with my bass guitar, Atom drum pads, and some beats at Norman bar in Tel Aviv, free entrance.

This will be my first real live at a venue digital concert. Up untill now i played solo with my guitar. It is a milestone, with my bass guitar and drum pads i have numerous options to rocknroll. I with be Playing an all original set including songs from my last two albums, and new beats and samples. This kind of live setting is highly jammable, so if you are around with an instrument.... Lets jamm.

If you want to see me next week i will be at:

Tuesday, April 13th, 20:00, live on youtube.

Thursday, april 15th, independence day, playing world folk fusion with Avir trio (Ohad Katz, Vladimir Cherepovsky) @Agur winery, from 11:00.

If you read this far, like and comment.

Igor איגור


Making Beats Live, Come see me play on sunday.

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Apr 10, 2021


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Igal Marcus
Apr 14, 2021
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