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Where I was, where I'm at, where I'm going

עודכן: 28 במרץ 2021

hey, How are you? hope you're all safe and sound. Pesach, Passover is coming, and spring cleaning has began at All site pages are being renovated and new features will come soon. Beat boutique is gaining some musical mass, and very soon its gonna change its interface completely.

Come visit it and tell me what you think about beat boutique, and what should I add to it.

Today I want to tell you where I was a few years ago, where I'm at now, and where I'm going to in this journey called life, as an artist, a musician, a human.

A few years ago I was young and wild and free, or so I thought. After a long army service, i didn't want no work, boss, responsibilities. I wanted to travel India and be a musician - play music and do gigs, no need for stuff such as an apartment or steady income. Let me tell you, this attitude is only a step towards real freedom. I was right about one thing, to be a musician is a good choice, and to be without a boss is a big step towards independence, but At that stage i didn't realize i have to take responsibility, i have to be my own boss, and make an independent steady income. If you dont know what to do with your time and how to make money, somebody else will. I got a job and got sucked into a vicious cycle of carrots and sticks, chasing dreams, wasting hard earned money, goals far away, waiting for society to egnolage my "musical talent".

And only at the absolute breakpoint, beeing tired, week, wasted, broke, getting older. "What did i do with my life?".

Luckily. we've been given an opportunity to seat and observe, to learn, to grow, to be a fly on the wall, to be a grain of sand, a random structure of electric cycles, made of carbon 100% vegan sun and water. This was a time for me to reflect, to see my skills and advantages, and harness them to my own vision. I'm a better boss to myself (lots of chill days, good food).

I'm a loyal worker, I put in extra time and effort and creativity, doing stuff I never imagined i will have to do, like sales and doing taxes, but I do it for myself.

This times are all about development and figuring what I'm all about. As I told you before, I believe that music is an investment. Making beats is like making beat coins. Creating beautiful songs and having the best sound and groove can potentially worth billions. Pure attention to detail focus and simplicity have the same worth of expensive gear. experience, training and skills that are very costly to aquire. how much did your music degree cost? what did it teach you?

music is my investment, I'm figuring out to monetize. the moment you figure out how to make money is joyful.

although making money is not equal to being happy, Having money improves quality of life, and gives you better opportunities.

this is where I go, I'm taking control over my life, getting better in quality & quantity of my art, communicating myself and being accessible to folks, and having a nice steady income.

where do you see yourself in a few years?

like, subscribe, comment.

Thanks for reading,


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